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Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles Is Out Here Slinging No-Look Passes For The Colts​ And Clearly Deserves Better

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.


LASER ALERT. Philly legend Big Dick Nick is back in action and dealing it all over the yard. Nick Foles didn't blow a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl. Current Colts starter Matt Ryan did! Foles had to put up with lord how much bullshit from Carson Wentz's ass behind the scenes with the Eagles and stick to the grind as his backup. When Wentz inevitably kept putting himself at more risk than necessary and got hurt, Foles led Philadelphia to playoff win after playoff win.

That no-looker — no less impressive than Matthew Stafford's in the Super Bowl or any time Patrick Mahomes has pulled it off — wasn't the only instance of sick ball-handling prowess from Foles on this preseason Saturday. Here's another slick dime from an outing in which he completed five of six passes for 56 yards for a 105.6 passer rating!

In a cruel twist of fate, Foles decided to go to the dumpster fire Jacksonville Jaguars franchise before they were ready to handle him after his resurgence with the Eagles. His head coach from Philly, Doug Pederson is now there with Trevor Lawrence under center. This is the football gods trolling those of us Foles Faithful to a hurtful degree.

Foles bounced from Duval County to the Windy City the past two seasons, where he somehow defeated Tom Brady's Bucs in spite of operating the "So Ineffective You Can't BELIEVE He's Trying" Matt Nagy offensive system. Based on the tragedy of a roster the Chicago Bears have built around their latest QB hopeful Justin Fields, you can see how the deck was stacked against Foles in that stop as well.

Now reunited with former Eagles assistant and Colts head coach Frank Reich, Foles is showing he still has plenty in the tank. There's no alternative landing spot for him that stands out in 2022, but I am still a believer. Don't tell me the preseason doesn't mean jack shit. Nick Foles' dual anatomical rockets (pocket and arm) are still very much intact.

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