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Georgia High School Football Player Is Revolutionizing The Game With A Ho Hum No-Look, Over The Head Walk-Off Touchdown In 4OT

Welp, that's awesome. That's it. That's the blog. The video as cool as it gets. I almost said no sort of hyperbolic headline could do the video justice. This kid is just out here living the dream. You're a football player in Georgia. You're in 4OT and what do you do? Something that would make Patrick Mahomes pause. Everyone is throwing no-look passes these days. That's not new. Stafford, Mahomes, Burrow, anyone really besides Daniel Jones because no swag is real swag. This kid is taking it up a notch. Impeccable timing to launch that over his head and put it on target. I think it's up there as the 2nd best throw I've ever seen. The first being Eli Manning on the sideline to Mario Manningham. 


Now this kid gets to strut around on Monday morning as every Kaleigh, Kylie, Kayleigh and variation similar to that gawks at him. Top-1 feeling as a high school athlete. You won the game. Luckily the guy who caught the ball didn't trip a half second sooner. That was DEADLY close to being ruled down at the 1. Stay on your feet big man. 

Good luck recreating that one.