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Hold The Phone, Jordan Love Is Actually Starting To Look Like a Starting Quarterback

Patrick McDermott. Getty Images.

Your favorite Packers fan chiming in here because I need to talk about anything besides the Yankees right now. They legit make me depressed. I'm not hiding from their misery, I literally just can't write the same blog over and over again. Let's talk some Jordan Love. 

When the Packers traded up to take Utah State's Jordan Love with the 26th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft I thought Rone and Brandon Walker were fucking with me while I hopped on the draft show. It was a terrible, terrible pick at the time that basically announced to the world the front office didn't believe the current roster had a real shot at contending in the upcoming season. Well in an ass-backwards way the pick worked because it woke up an angry Aaron Rodgers. Drafting Love parlayed with some psychedelic drugs caused Rodgers to go full Scorched Earth and win back to back MVP awards. 

Now we're in year 3 of Jordan Love and he's still here in Green Bay. His rookie year was a complete wash with covid wiping out preseason all together. Love got into a few preseason games in '21 before making his NFL reg season debut against the Saints in garbage time. Love started his first ever game against the Chiefs mid-season when Rodgers got covid. The results were…raw. While the Packers did cover for Dave, who decided to unload on them for some reason, Green Bay fell to the Chiefs 13-7. The game was hard to watch and gave you a relief that Rodgers was still the guy at that moment. 

Now? I'm still ecstatic Rodgers is the Packers starting QB for at least another year, but after yesterday and all the reviews from camp so far, I'm kinda excited about the future with Love. I understand it's preseason and some of these guys won't even be in the league, but you can see the arm talent clear as day here. The progression with Love has taken some time, but it's nice to see this kind of pay off. 

This next throw over a few DBs was awesome. 

And okay before you rip on me for showing incompletions and getting excited about them, watch some of these throws. If Love was out there with actual WRs these are all completions. Is he throwing against starting defenders? No, but the windows he fit some of these balls in were impressive. 

Hey even 12 spoke out on how Love is doing. Definitely not something he does often.

I'm not saying Jordan Love is going to carry the torch of Hall of Fame QBs to play for the Packers, but at least he's beginning to look the part of a starting QB in the NFL. There was a point where I wasn't sure if he was capable of completing a pass with how bad shit started out. Still don't know if he ends up staying in Green Bay when it's all said and done, only time will tell.