Colts LB Hops On Twitter And Calls Out Lions RB Jamaal Williams For Being A 'Bum Who Cries' After They Get Into It During Practice

Well that's one way to make sure the world knows how you feel. Just directly going for Jamaal Williams crying and having a losing record. Pretty rude to the Lions. Mean even. He's of course referencing this viral clip: 

Safe to say Zaire Franklin is a big time Hard Knocks fan. Don't blame him there. It's the perfect show to watch on a Tuesday night. There's nothing on Tuesday nights. Hard Knocks fills that void. I assume Zaire would agree with me there. 

That said, there are two sides to a story. Can't just see one tweet and run with it. Nope. We never overreact to one single thing here at Barstool. We investigate. We look to find the truth. Luckily Jamaal Williams provided some more context in a reply: 

Opening a tweet with sir is an A+ move. That's how you let someone know they aren't going to like what you have to say. No one starts a line with sir and delivers good news. And then it happens. Jamaal Williams made him look stupid and Franklin missed an open field tackle. Then he threw the safety in there for a clean ricochet shot. Should have made that tackle. 

PS: Franklin taking the ball and punting it at the :22 second mark in that video is laugh out loud funny. I don't know why but any time a guy just punts the shit out of a ball I laugh. Even funnier with Williams asking for a flag in practice.