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We Got An English Soccer Stadium Blasting 'Born In The USA' Because Americans Can't Stop Dominating The Sport

Is this specific to Josh Sargent and Norwich City? Sure. But we still are dominating the sport. I mean Sargent can't even get a spot on our national team and he's got an entire stadium singing Born In The USA? That's growth. That's development. That's also a group of people who probably don't really know the meaning to Born in the USA, but I digress on that one. The song is a jam no matter what. 

I just don't understand what else Sargent has to do to get a look with USMNT more. He seems to be the odd man out for no real reason. He'd be excellent off the bench as a sub that can come in and create havoc. Also throw in the fact that he's just 22 years old and you have a guy who will be in his prime for two World Cups. Pretty good! 

It's also not a secret that our two biggest question marks is who is the No. 1 keeper and what do we do up top for the World Cup. I still think we need to play our best 11 and put Weah up top with Pulisic, Reyna, McKennie, Adams, Musah, Dest, Robinson, Zimmerman and then fill in a back spot left by Miles Robinson and our keeper. Bam. Aaronson our first sub/can start if you want a different look. But you need another guy up top and Sargent can be that. That's especially true if he's in form - even for a relegated Norwich. 


This is good for us. We have Americans playing in Europe more than ever and contributing. Now hit the damn music English soccer fans!