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Christian Pulisic Is A Hostage At This Point Under Tuchel At Chelsea

Note: Introducing our Barstool EPL Gambling show...Eat Pray Limbs. It's me, Sam's Army from the original Barstool Chicago days dating back to the 2014 World Cup, and Nottingham Dan. We needed an English guy for credibility.

Reags blogged this the other day, but as more time goes by it becomes even more clear that our golden boy, our soccer baby Jesus, our one true a hostage in London. Specifically Chelsea. They won't play him. They don't seem quite ready to let him leave either even though there are quotes like this coming out


Looking back at the summer it was clear that when Pulisic's dad tweeted about the situation with Tuchel and Chelsea it was a genuine cry for help. That is typically what happens when Americans are locked up abroad. The first flares and pleas come from the family. 

Tuchel doesn't want Pulisic. That's fine. He also apparently hates him because the only place he's willing to send him is the one Big 6 club in England that would be worse for Pulisic and that is Manchester United. If Chelsea is a prison then Manchester United is an Mi-6 black site where they look the other way on torture. We need to get our boy out there and have him playing regular minutes before the World Cup. This is a huge year for America and having our best player not get ANY minutes before the tournament is criminal. It's conspiratorial. It's borderline an act of war. We can't stand for it. 

We covered all of that on the show, but at it's core Limbs is going to be about gambling and we gave out a bunch of winners last week. Hoping to run it back again. 

My absolute favorite bet of the weekend

That game will have goals and goals from both teams so you might as well parlay them to get it as close to even money as possible. 

My picks:

Leicester/Sotom over 2.5

Leicester/Southampton both to score

Nottingham Forest ML +310

Liverpool -1.5 +160

Sam's Army picks

Liverpool/ManU over 3.5 goals +123

Fulham/Brentford both to score -139

West Ham ML +135

Nottingham Dan Picks

NUFC-Man City Parlay: over 2.5 cards, both to score, Newcastle to win +1600

Man U-Liverpool Parlay: Liverpool ML, over 2.5 Liverpool goals +170

London Away Parlay: Arsenal, Brentford, Chelsea all to win +541

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