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The Journey Is Sometimes Greater Than The Victory


This week on the Cracking Aces podcast we were joined by a man named Patrick Leonard, or Pads as he is known. Pads is the number 1 ranked online player in the world with over $15 million in cashes. He also has nearly $3 million in live cashes, including a WSOP bracelet. But he had a very interesting perspective on the entire thing:




I thought that was very cool to hear. That he much prefers the journey, the constant work, the hours spent in the lab, than the victory at the end. Because once you win, then what? Not that I really have any understanding of what he means, obviously. Like, I'd be thrilled with a god damn final table, nevermind a win. Shit, just cashing an event feels like an achievement most of the time. But Pads looks at poker differently, which is why he's one of the best in the world.

He also dropped a TON of poker theory knowledge on us. Lots of inside looks into his mind and how he thinks about the game, including this one about bet sizing:



If you're a poker fan, this is a can't-miss episode.


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PS: This is amazing.