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The Miami Heat Will Simply Not Stop Crying, This Time It's Duncan Robinson Taking Shots At The Celtics Visiting Locker Room

Brian Babineau. Getty Images.


Jesus Christ, what is going on with the Miami Heat? The crying is starting to get a little out of hand. It's embarrassing for a once proud franchise if you ask me. First, we had Max Strus not being able to accept that he stepped out of bounds and crying about it on IG, then the Heat Twitter account logged on and starting crying about how they weren't playing on Christmas AND Game 7 in the same tweet, now we have Duncan Robinson crying about the Celts visiting locker room??? 

Giphy Images.

The fact that Pat Connaughton agreed with him isn't really surprising. The Bucks and their fans have gone a little insane after the Celts eliminated them as well. From BKN to MIL to MIA, it seems like all these teams are losing their minds all because they weren't able to beat the Celts in the playoffs, it's remarkable. Just so we're clear here, this is the locker room they are talking about


I'll concede that I haven't been in many NBA visiting team locker rooms, but that looks….fine? It's called homecourt advantage, read a book for me one time. Oh, the AC is blasting making it cold? The carpet is thin and the lockers are tight? The showers are too cold? Too bad. Deal with it. This is all just so embarrassing. Who cries about a visiting locker room? 

Here's my question. Does this look all that different from the MIA visiting locker room? Thankfully we have some pretty awesome video that shows it

You don't see the Celts complaining about it, they were too busy celebrating their Game 7 victory. I'm pretty sure had they lost that game we wouldn't be hearing someone from the bench who barely touched the floor complain about how shitty the locker room was. I'm sorry you weren't mentally tough to overcome a locker room that wasn't up to your standards but that feels like a weird thing to complain about.

Again I'll ask Heat fans. This has to be embarrassing for you right? Every day it seems there's another instance of someone tied to that organization crying on the internet. Is Pat Riley still awake? Is this #HeatCulture? 

Now I need to know what the crying will be about tomorrow. It could be anything, but one thing we know is it's coming. So embarrassing.