Patrick Mahomes Is Relentlessly Pursuing His Next Football Dream: To Be A Punter And The NFL's First Triple-Threat QB

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We hear about dual-threat quarterbacks all the time who can keep defenses up at night with their throwing prowess and their ability to pick up chunk plays on scrambled or designed runs. That new wave of field general has taken the NFL by storm, and while Patrick Mahomes is much more of a pure, freakish passer than almost all of his peers, he does have over 1,100 yards and eight TDs as a ball-carrier in four full seasons as a starter.

Now it seems like special teams coordinators need to be on perpetual pooch punt alert in the extremely rare event the Kansas City Chiefs offense is forced to kick the ball away on fourth down. That's right. Safety Justin Reid has more than proven his chops as a placekicker; Mahomes may play even longer than we expect thanks to his punting prowess.


[The Kansas City Star]

“He’s a good backup kicker,” [Patrick] Mahomes said of [Justin] Reid, “and all I'm saying is there’s a little good backup punter just right here."

As a senior at Whitehouse High School in Texas, Mahomes threw 50 touchdown passes, ran for 15 more and averaged 38.7 yards per punt, per MaxPreps. He had a 71-yard boot and placed a half-dozen kicks inside the 20-yard line. Mahomes was asked if could kick it like he did in high school. 

“I still got it,” he said. “I still work on it probably about twice a week, you know, just in case.” 

Mahomes believes he could pull off a surprise punt and pin an opponent inside their 5-yard line if needed. He mentioned that idea to coach Andy Reid, who countered with a suggestion of his own.

“Yeah, I said that to Coach Reid, and then he said, ‘Why don’t we just go for it?’” Mahomes said. “And I was like, ‘Yeah, alright.’” 

It’s hard to argue with Andy Reid’s thinking.

I know the Chiefs are putting in a lot of work in training camp, yet between this potentially groundbreaking special teams concept and Mahomes pushing his limits with 30-yard behind-the-back throws that hit the crossbar, it almost feels like camp practices are dedicating chunks of time to a team-wide skills competition. I don't hate it. This adds more excitement in the lead up to the season.

The last little chunk of this excerpt of news from Kansas City raises a great point, though. Why the hell would the Chiefs ever punt the ball again if they're in 4th-and-manageable? Head coach Andy Reid is aggressive and pass-happy as hell as it is. I can't imagine he'd ever take the ball out of Mahomes' hands as a thrower if he can help it.

BUT what an interesting element this could add to the complexion of a game. I'm being slightly sarcastic but think about it. KC pulls up to the opponent's 45-ish-yard line for a fourth down and, say, six yards to go. Mahomes is still on along with the rest of the offense. Are the Chiefs about to go? Or is Mahomes gonna pull up and pin you inside the 10? That could be a legitimate weapon and render an opponent's punt return game all but useless. I'd even consider doing this from my own 40 if I were Kansas City's staff.

Given how loaded the AFC West division is and how many quality QBs occupy the conference in general, I'd imagine the Chiefs will be in shootouts on a regular basis. At least lining up to go for it on fourth downs and having the element of Mahomes' surprise in your back pocket gives you an edge you wouldn't have otherwise.

Even since his freshman year at Texas Tech, Mahomes has been thinking several steps ahead and growing restless as he seeks out new challenges and tasks to crush. Seems like a good personality fit to carry this punting initiative forward! 

Already with an NFL MVP, a Super Bowl MVP and four straight AFC Championship Game trips, it's clear the NFL is simply too easy for this man. Give him a novelty role before he retires early due to an existential bout of ennui!

Sadly, this Patrick Punt stuff I'm fantasizing about — which is making me think of ex-Patriots fullback Patrick Pass for the first time in many, many years — may never come to fruition, nor will Justin Reid likely ever get a crack at kicking in the regular season. That's because KC kicker Harrison Butker trails only Justin Tucker in career field goal percentage, and Chiefs punter Tommy Townsend let the NFL in 2021 with a 46.3 net average.


GM Brett Veach needs to get on the horn, unceremoniously dump Butt Kicker and Townsend and add some spice to NFL special teams by putting Reid and Mahomes out there to show off their leg strength. We're way overdue for our first triple-threat QB. Punters are people too, but if you're the Chiefs and the your face of the franchise can get it done? Might as well get the maximum yield from your $500 million-ish investment!

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