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I've Seen All I Need To Declare 'Duck Hide And Seek' The Next Great Olympic Sport

To answer your first question, no I do not know what's going on here. I don't know the rules, competitors, or location of this event. All I'm fixated on is how elite of an athlete this duck is. You could have told me this video was an hour into this competition and I'd believe you. I mean it got to a point during that clip where the duck was taunting its fellow competitors. Notice the kid in the top right corner just completely stunned at what he was witnessing with his own two eyes. 


The shape shifter wasn't done with this woman either. This duck put on his best Barry Sanders impersonation and broke the poor woman's ankles. He left her to die with no regard for human life.

Earlier this week PMT did a Mount Rushmore of everyday activities you wish were olympic events. Some suggestions were escaping small talk, waking up before your alarm, and jay-walking. Well, I've got a new one to add to the list — duck hide and seek. While I'm not certain this is an everyday activity in this land, I wouldn't be shocked if it was. Imagine having different countries nominate their best seeker to try and find this duck? They'd have to cease all other programming on TV as to not waste air time while everyone goes to watch this duck. Absolutely need it. 

Another great event? Rough N' Rowdy. Tonight 8:00 EST. 20 fights, no head gear, Alex, Duggs, and so much more. Dave and Dan heading down as we speak to call the night. Can't wait. Order below.