Video: Jake Paul Pins Nelk Assistant Steiny Down On The Floor

This very quick video shows someone yelling "Jake stop" and it turns out it's Jake Paul pinning down Steiny from Nelk. 

I know most of you are wondering who Steiny is and that makes complete sense because he is a nobody. He was Stevewilldoit's assistant but sucked at that and got fired. I don't even know the context of this video but Jake Paul was probably in the right. I feel like Jake can't be fighting anyone because he knocks out people for a living now but again he probably had every right for what he did. I know all the comments are going to be like nobody cares about this, but these are who the celebrities in this world are now. If you thought you lost braincells reading this blog just watch his interview with Elon Musk (which is a crazy sentence in itself).