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Welcome to Williamsport: These Little League World Series Q+A Responses Are Hilarious

I'm sure you all know by now, but the Little League World Series is underway in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. This is the only time of year that the best, young baseball players in the world get the chance to play baseball with the whole world watching. Before these kids get to the biggest stage, there isn't much material to work with from a broadcast perspective compared to the information out there for pro or college teams. 

So, ESPN has the players and coaches fill out a Q+A form that will help tell stories and narratives that could be used for the broadcasts. Mike Monaco is calling a bulk of the games from Williamsport, and he tweeted out some of the best answers to these questions. Some of them are TREMENDOUS. Let's take a look player by player (most names were not included).

Player 1


Off the top, you have to respect the self-awareness that this kid makes his dad angry all the time. A dream job of retirement is a fantastic response, too. He understands the importance of #SomeThings by his lottery answer, and man does he know how to get the ladies to love him. His name is Jackson Boob?! My goodness. The only downside here is that he changes his clothes five times a day. That's insane.

Player 2

11-year-old Logan "eats like a machine" and loves to bash the fastballs of his opponents. Talk about being an Alpha. He has a specific plan ready to go if he were to win the lottery, and you have to appreciate both of his special talents, especially the second one listed.


Player 3

A candy tester seems like an awesome job for this future Mr. Wonka. I really want to know who this kid is because if he has a special talent to get rid of stomach aches, I NEED to know what that magic formula includes. He is playing for his grandfather, which is very nice, and has some unique superstitions that take place before the first pitch. I'll say this - the flossing with a fishing pole is INSANE, but he makes incredible chocolate chip cookies, so I guess those cancel each other out.

Player 4

Describing yourself as a "very happy boy" is great, but this player LIKES to get hit with balls? Alrighty then. You have to appreciate the Jimmy John's nickname and his ability to cook pizza rolls at the right temperature. But this superstition is, let's just say… unique. Ladybug in your back pocket?! You have to respect it. We need to get him in a geography competition with our friend KB, because this player claims that he knows every flag in the world. It's also interesting how he calls his toes, "dogs." That's something that I have never heard before.