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Stop Old People: Woman Gets Lost And Finds Herself Driving On The Upper Level of a Mall Looking For Parking

CBS News

Police said a "confused" driver ended up on the upper level of South Shore Plaza in Braintree Thursday. 

The Braintree Fire Department said an elderly woman was disoriented behind the wheel. The mall's automatic doors opened as her car approached, so she drove in "very slowly, took a left and parked it in front of a retail store."

Police said the woman made it about 60 yards inside the mall. When officers arrived, she had already come to a stop on her own and was talking to bystanders.

Parking garages can be tricky. One second you think you're looking for a spot, the next you're driving through the upper levels of the mall passing Auntie Anne's, Lids, and Build-A-Bear. It happens.

Braintree Police said the woman got inside the mall through the south parking garage via a pedestrian bridge. After a recent accident, one of the safety barriers was missing from in front of the entrance, which allowed the woman to get through.

If I'm a person in that mall I'm freaking out. There's a lot of crazy people out there today, I don't need to deal with someone trying to mow pedestrians down at a mall with their car. Turns out this was just the case of an old person being old, but you can't think that in the moment. Which brings me to my point…


You've got Uber, you've got public transportation (old people were basically designed for city buses), you've got younger people in your family. Use those options rather than getting behind the wheel and putting everyone's life in danger. Once you turn 65 that should be just about it for your driving career. 65 might even be too high if you're being honest, but definitely nothing past that number. We can't have people accidentally driving through the upper levels of a mall and blaming it on confusion. Just can't happen. If you can't differentiate between a mall and a parking garage how are you supposed to merge on a highway or stop short when traffic suddenly builds up? 


It really is CRAZY you pass one driver's test when you're in high school and that's it! You are set for life operating a death machine until basically you go blind because of a test you probably shouldn't have even passed when you were a teenager. How does that make a lick of sense? You should have to pass a test every 10 years minimum. You know why this isn't a thing? Because the people who make the laws in this country are all old. New idea: stop letting old people decide everything.