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One Stop Shopping For All Your Chiclets Cup Video Series Viewing And More!!

Welcome back Chiclets Nation, the boys came off of their well-deserved vacation to have an impromptu pod that was awesome.  

Watch here: 

I am an open believer in one-stop shopping… go to Costco and get everything you need from lawn chairs to a bottle of 1.2 million aspirins. So before the summer ends and the crew is back in form I wanted to put all the videos under one roof for you the fan. Should I be thanked or should I be loved? I am ok with both but anyway…. Below are the videos from the Chiclets Cup in Buffalo for your viewing pleasure.  There is a ton of more content coming to the Chiclets Youtube channel so make sure to subscribe.

The Big Deal Selects are a team organized by the great Biznasty and have a lot in common with the ’90s Bills. Watch how the team came together and did in the latest cup! 

Big Deal Selects Video Part I

Big Deal Selects Video Part II

The Barstool Roller team had its own challenges moving up two levels, a new head coach in RA (who got gassed) and a defense that knew more about scoring than how to keep the puck out of its own net, but this team had the best locker room atmosphere of all time!!!

Barstool Roller Hockey Team Part I

Barstool Roller Hockey Team Part II

Behind The Scenes Chiclets Cup Buffalo (Terry Ryan Sr. Highlight Film)

And to round out your viewing pleasure make sure to catch the newest content on the channel Biznasty Does B.C.

Enjoy what remains of the off-season but like everyone else, I can not wait to be betting money lines, puck lines, shots on goal, and hitting winners all winter… 

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