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Mark Cuban Says Luka Is Working On A New "Secret Move" And I Have Cracked The Case

Jurij Kodrun. Getty Images.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. A secret "move"? One that's a "shot"? Learning how to use the backboard? What on earth could Cuban be talking about in regards to this secret move by Luka?

Giphy Images.

It's very clearly his sky hook. Sit there and tell me it's not. The Luka sky hook fits every bit of the description Cuban gave. While he may not have wanted to spill the beans on that podcast, anyone who has watched Luka and Slovenia play in these EuroBasket tune up games should know what it is. He's been unleashing it all summer long and frankly, it's a little bullshit that he now can add this to his arsenal. Luka is already tough enough to guard, now you have to worry about one of the most unguardable shots in all of basketball? I'll never understand why today's players don't try and use this more. It's not like shooting granny style from the FT line that looks embarrassing. The sky hook rules. Kareem seemed to do well with it, so why don't we see it more?

With Luka, he had shown signs in the past of maybe one day having a legit sky hook

and seeing as how he was dominant again against Jokic the other day

including pulling off that sky hook over the back to back MVP, you can see why Luka is talked about as a legit MVP candidate. The version of that sky hook that we've seen this summer looks so much better and that should have Mavs fans very excited. When we first saw it I thought it was something Luka was doing just to fuck around in a fake game. But now that we're seeing it more than once combined with Cuban talking about this "secret move", I feel confident that we are 100% going to get this during the year. 

The Luka Sky Hook is here to stay my friends, and that should have you very, very afraid.


OK, it's Friday, this was a Luka blog, we know what comes next