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Hand Up: The Blame Starts Here Since We Failed As A Community To Wish Diletta Leotta A Happy Birthday

Guys (and gals) I have failed you. As the No. 1 Diletta Leotta blogger on the Internet, it's my duty to remember her birthday and alert everyone. I can't blame being busy. I can't blame being in the hospital with my new son. Nope. That's slacking. That's what the No. 2 Diletta Leotta blogger would do. But this isn't about me. This is about responsibility and taking action for your mistakes. For that I apologize. 

I know people say you shouldn't care about birthdays, especially 31. But that's a number. It's a number hate mostly due to Reggie Miller. But there's something weird once you add something to 30. You feel older. The hangovers hit a bit harder. The aches tend to come up a bit more. You say things like 'man we needed the rain for my grass.' 

So hand up here guys. I forgot to alert the masses it was Diletta's 31st birthday. Let me be the first to lead a happy belated birthday wish - which is really the most important if you think about it. We'll be ready for 32.