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Not T(rolling): Rick Astley Recreated The "Never Gonna Give You Up" Music Video


JK, I would never pull a trick on you guys for clicks. Here is the actual remake, which I guess you can still use to Rick Roll your friends.

Shout out Rick Astley for getting a nice fat bag from AAA in order to remake the song that has been an internet joke for decades now. The craziest shit of all is that Rick Rolling is still a thing since my 7-year-old daughter has done it to me multiple times since the kids in her class do it. Time is truly a flat circle.

Giphy Images.

Which leads me to today's Question of the Day. Would you rather have a song become a moderate hit, make a couple bones, then fade into oblivion like countless one hit wonders or make a smash hit that becomes a meme before the word meme was even invented? I'm pretty sure Rick Astley would answer B even before the AAA check cleared. Happy to know my AAA money is going towards keeping the classics alive in addition to ensuring I am never left in a tough spot if my car breaks down along with some reasonable discounts on hotels and parks. If AAA ever wants to sponsor me or any of my podcasts, please drop a link @TheClemReport on Twitter.

Also please note that I did NOT call Rick Astley a one hit wonder because he is anything but that since "Together Forever" is a certified banger that can hang note for note with his 

Now I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't throw it to the Ted Lasso funeral scene. God damn I love that show.