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EXPERTS: SEC Network Delivers A Perfectly Reasonable, Accurate And Fair 11-1 Prediction For Kentucky Football

I just call it like I see it. These guys are experts. These are guys you can trust. I mean it's the SEC Network - why wouldn't they want Georgia and Alabama all over the place? That's why 11-1 is now the expectation. My only complaint is the loss to Tennessee. Fuck Tennessee. Stupid ass orange color. 

Hey, at least this is taking off some attention from Mark Stoops picking a fight with Shane Beamer. Actually, let's talk about that because at least now we're not talking Stoops vs Cal. 

I love it. Kentucky owns South Carolina under Stoops. Talk your shit when you back it up. 

But back to the 11-1 prediction. Hard to argue against it. Flawless really. Georgia? Good luck. The entire state of Mississippi? We own you now. You're now Kentucky South. Actually I'm now the King of the South if that happens and I may get a mic on Unnecessary Roughness. 

I'll be honest. As much as I love this program and team. As much as I love getting respect. I want the chip on the shoulder. Give me Brandon Walker talking shit about Levis and Kentucky failing. That's when Stoops delivers. That's when Kentucky plays their best. Say what you want but they have turned into a respectable program under Stoops. Now it's time to deliver 11-1. 

See everyone in Atlanta.