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Former NFL GM Says That Bears Line Is So Bad That Justin Fields Is Going To Turn Into David Carr



My natural inclination would be to say FUCK espn and anyone who speaks on that platform since they love shitting on the Bears and they sensationalize everything, but our own social teams got in the game last night too, smh

I want everyone to take a deep breath. Let's remember two very important details from last night's game. 

1) It was the preseason and the Bears have all sorts of rookies and guys playing new positions and there have been so many moving pieces on the offensive line in camp so far this year that it would be impossible for them to have any sort of cohesion against a good NFL pass rush. 

2) Justin Fields in the face of danger with no weapons around him still went 5-of-7 and was never actually sacked.

It wasn't pretty upfront by any stretch but people acting like a bad performance by the line in 2nd preseason games means that Justin Fields should be placed in hospice is absurd. It was a function of the Bears being the only football game on last night and people love to shit on the Bears now. The Bears are in a group of teams with the Jets and Browns as punching bags. It is largely deserved, but let's at least be honest about it. Last night wasn't great, but it was hardly an indication that Justin Fields is going to turn into a guy seeing ghosts and having PTSD. He handled the pressure fine. Led the team down the field and avoided sacks. 

We have a QB. Everything else will be a work in progress, but we knew that going in. Don't get sucked down more negative than we already are. One step at a time and Justin will be just fine.