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This Story Of Why Mbappe And Neymar Reportedly Hate Each Other Is So Outlandish It Seems Fake


[Source] - Sergio Ramos was reportedly forced to step in to separate the feuding pair in the dressing room after the match and the fallout did not stop there, as Neymar went on to 'like' two social posts that slammed Mbappe over the episode, including a post that said the Frenchman “controlled” the club. That comment was within the context of reports claiming that Mbappe would hold great sway in the club's sporting decisions as part of his new three-year contract extension with the Ligue 1 champions.

One of the key areas of contention between the two superstars revolve around comments made by Mbappe back in May, where he claimed that South American international football was a level behind Europe and not as “developed”.

It is part of the background which provided the context for Mbappe and Neymar spectacularly falling out during PSG’s Ligue 1 clash against Montpellier last weekend. Neymar did not allow the Frenchman to take his side’s second spot-kick after the Frenchman had seen his first effort saved – with a public feud then being played out.

Goddamnit I love soccer drama. Mbappe and Neymar - two of the biggest names, two of the most well-known names - apparently hate each other over a comment about the World Cup qualifying process. Specifically the fact that South American countries have it easier. 

Hey, I'm all for having pride in where you're from. But this is really what's triggering everything? This is what's triggering shit like this? 

Obviously there's more to the story too: 

Shaq vs Kobe. Brent Barry vs Tony Parker (slightly different). A-Rod vs Derek Jeter. There are numerous examples of teammates hating each other but figuring it out. Now we can add Mbappe vs Neymar to the list. I don't even blame either of them. Mbappe is 23 and on top of the world. He wants control and PSG to be his club. Neymar is Neymar. I'd be pissed if I heard a teammate tried to run me out of town. 

Side note, what a ricochet shot at Azerbaijan.

The comments drew the fury of Brazil boss Tite who responded that they did not “have to play Azerbaijan” to qualify for the World Cup. While none of Mbappe’s PSG teammates have issued a similar response, the comments went down very badly within the dressing room

Fair, but still mean.