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Raise The Banner: Scott Frost Says His Offensive Linemen Are Working So Hard They Are Throwing Up 15-20 Times Per Practice

Hey man, I don't know. This seems like maybe, just MAYBE, a little too much throw up? I'm all for my guys getting in shape. I'm all for my guys getting worked and ready for the season. But throwing up 15-20 times per practice is far too much vomit. Nobody should vomit that much. 

I never understood the people who like to throw up while hungover. I know a couple people who swear by it. Me? I'm Jerry Seinfeld. I don't throw up and if I do you're going to hear me complain about it like my 3-year old son. Grow up and just take a nap with some medicine and greasy food. 

Hey, I don't blame Frost for saying something as outlandish as this. He's firmly on the hot seat. He knows Nebraska fans will eat this up and talk about how determined the boys are. Then they'll go 5-7 if they are lucky. Not every coach can go to Nebraska and be 15-29 heading into their 5th year. A true football guy can. A guy who counts how many times his offensive line throws up. 


Don't worry though. The guys aren't concerned about throwing up this much. Oh no, it's freeing them. 

Cut some weight and be aggressive. I've changed my mind. For sure a 6-6 year. Sorry, Will.