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Deshaun Watson And Jimmy Haslem's Post-Suspension Press Conference Grade: F-

My God man, will you just shut up? So much for Jimmy Haslem's statement that Deshaun is "remorseful". He has literally ZERO remorse of any kind, and the media is already having a field day with these clips. What an absolute idiot. I'm not sure what part of this response shocks me the most:

- Deshaun Watson's camp thinks this is the proper response

- The Browns are allowing him to say this

- The Browns PR rep is still employed

The fact of the matter is that there's not one thing on Earth that Deshaun Watson could say right now that would get people to jump to side of the fence, but all he is doing by speaking is fueling the out of control fire. The proper move is to apologize to the victims, the smart move is probably to just shut your mouth, and the dumb move is to do exactly what he just did. Immediately after settling on 11 games and a $5 million fine, he takes right to the microphone to let everyone know he did absolutely nothing wrong. 24 sexual misconduct cases? All hogwash. The girls are lying!

What an idiot. And let me say this, this is not the kind of decision making I want my Quarterback to display, whether it be on or off the field. Especially someone we committed three 1st round picks and a mere $230 million guaranteed to...

But I'll tell you someone who still has his back: Browns owner Jimmy Haslem.

My goodness, Jimmy. How do you not realize that now is not the time for this? Apologize to the victims, say you look forward to moving on, and literally say nothing else. How is this guy a billionaire when he is so dumb?