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The Miami Heat Twitter Account Crying About Not Playing On Christmas AND Game 7 In The Same Tweet Is Just Sad

Christ @MiamiHEAT pull yourself together, you're embarrassing yourself on the internet for the world to see. I would maybe expect this from a Twitter account like @JimmyButlerFan23762 or @HeatCulture42069 but the official team account? Openly crying like this? 

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I don't even disagree that it's a little bullshit that someone like the Knicks got the Christmas Day nod over a team that was a #1 seed last year, but after seeing that tweet I no longer feel that way. You know who cries about not playing on Christmas? Small market teams. That alone is a pretty bad look for a franchise like MIA. Do you see the Nets crying about not playing on Christmas? Or the Clippers? Or the Nuggets? Nope! Not like this.

That's only half of the tweet though. Using the Max Strus play where he very clearly stepped out of bounds in Game 7 is even more embarrassing. Why can't the Heat and their fans get over this already? He was out of bounds!

This was not even the reason the Heat lost Game 7 at home either! They never led at ANY point of that game. They had an 0-9 stretch in the 4th quarter. Their starting backcourt went 7-22 (3-13). Their second unit had a combined 13 points. I also find it interesting how the team Twitter account and Heat fans cry so much about this play, but never mention the Bam play when he was out of bounds as well before hitting a late jumper as the shot clock expired that was never called

Weird how that works huh? Or how the L2M report confirmed in Game 6 that the Heat benefitted from 4 separate missed calls in the final two minutes in their 111-103 win. Again, weird.

I'm curious, are Heat fans embarrassed by this? I can assure you if the Celts Twitter account tweeted something like that I would be mortified. Maybe if Bam doesn't disappear in that series and Jimmy Butler doesn't go missing for like 3 games things end differently. But to still be crying about the Strus play while also crying about not playing on Christmas is such a bad look I don't know how you couldn't be embarrassed by it. That's not #HeatCulture is it? 

Maybe I just hold the Heat to a higher standard, and if so then that's on me. They are one of the more successful franchises we have in the NBA. They're always good. So to see them openly crying like this is just sad.