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Finland's Smokeshow Prime Minister Is In The News Again For Partying But She Denies Taking Drugs

Finland's glamorous Prime Minister Sanna Marin has denied using drugs and said she has nothing to hide after a video emerged of her partying wildly with celebrity friends.

The 36-year-old world leader was in high spirits in the video, which appears to take place in a private apartment, as the group cavorts and dances for a mobile phone camera.

In light of the raucous scenes, Finnish MP Mikko Kärnä, from Marin's coalition partner Centre Party, took to Twitter to urge her to take a voluntary drugs test.

Marin denied using drugs and said in a press conference this morning that she had 'nothing to conceal or hide.'

Who needs NATO when your PM is a fucking ROCKET. Sanna Marin gives zero fucks. She just wants to get down. And people should get off her back. The Big Red Bear is right next door and that has to be stressful. She should be allowed to let her hair down and cut loose a little bit. And...if she needs some substances to let loose or maybe stay up, well, that isn't the end of the world either. She shouldn't get bullied into a drug test. Since when are world leaders expected to be drug free? Remember Biden's State of the Union? You telling me he wasn't on any PEDs that night? We are talking about a Scandinavian country here. The bureaucracy runs so well that they don't even really need a prime minister...apparently. She is leading the country by keeping moral high with thirst traps

And look...days are getting shorter. That doesn't mean much to us in America, but winter coming Helsinki means literally 18 hours of darkness per day. You gotta capitalize on those summer months while you can. Let this woman live