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The World Officially Sucks A Little Less Now That Chicken Wing Prices Are Lower Than They Were Pre-Pandemic. Right Before Football Season No Less!

NBC News- The first regular-season game of the NFL season kicks off Sept. 8, and just in time: Chicken wings are at their lowest prices in years. The Department of Agriculture's price index for chicken wings is now at levels not seen since 2018, with the average wholesale price of a pound of wings falling to about $1.68 in July, and trending even lower for August.

Let's go live to the Casa de Clem to get my instant reaction to this news:

I've been getting excited about football season after waking up to a few mornings of Football Weather the last couple of weeks, researching for a fantasy team that will be stuck around .500 all season no matter what, and falling in love with players on Hard Knocks that I'll forget ever existed by Labor Day after the Lions' turk cuts them. However this chicken wing news may be the biggest thing for football fans to get excited about.

To be honest, I don't even remember what prices were like before Rudy Gobert touched all those microphones in Utah. But I know pretty much everything was cheaper than it is now, if it is even in stock due to supply chain issues or whatever the fuck is going on. With those bumps and shortages led to the end of quarter or even 50 cent wing nights. And as you can tell by taking one look at me, I love eating wings. 

But spending a dollar per wing or whatever the hell it hit during the dog days of the last to years for a piece of the chicken that was essentially garbage before that fateful night a Buffalo mom cooked up some wings for her drunk son and drowned them in hot sauce is a little excessive for me unless the wings are AWESOME or I am really in the mood for wings (which admittedly is roughly 20+ Sundays from September-January). 

So hearing my wallet will not have any additional strain put on it during the football season is very nice to hear, even though I think I found my First Touchdown Bet replacement on the Barstool Sportsbook if Mecole Hardman misses any time with his knee injury.

P.S. You know you are a middle aged father when you go from laughing at Homer Simpson to realizing just how good he has it. True life goals. 


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P.P.S. My only real goals in life are to make sure my kids are set up for success in life, enjoy retirement with my wife, and visit Wing Nutz.