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Old Man Rant: 'The Big 10 On CBS' Theme Song Makes Me Want To Puke (BONUS: Definitive Sports Theme Song Rankings)

Fuck this. I like to think I'm progressive and open-minded. That's not the case when it comes to sports. That's not the case when it comes to sports traditions. This should only be the SEC on CBS. The Big 10 can have Fox or ESPN or anything else for the 7-8 billion bones. 

There are certain songs that you hear and you just know what it is. SEC on CBS is one of those. An iconic theme song. Everyone who watches college football can close their eyes and see Kentucky beat LSU in 2007 - or you know Alabama/Auburn or Alabama/LSU or one of those other 'iconic' games.  One of the greatest sounds in the entire world. 3:30 on a Saturday afternoon and you hear that first beat. You know what's coming. For years it was Uncle Verne on the call welcoming us to the best game of the day.

But let's argue. The best sports theme songs are a simple rankings: 

5. National Hockey Night 

4. Masters

3. SEC on CBS


2. CBS College Basketball

1. NBA on NBC

I just hate it man. I want the old school conferences back. I don't want to change the channel out of habit and see Rutgers/Minnesota when it should be something else. This is my complaint for the day. I'm sure everyone will agree.