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Brett Baty Went Big Fly In His First Major League At Bat As His Family Lost Their Goddamn Minds In The Stands

How can you not be romantic about baseball? Well I guess Jake Odorizzi doesn't feel all that romantic about the sport considering he just gave up a tater to Brett Baty on the 2nd pitch he saw in the Bigs along with bombs to Starling Marte and Francisco Lindor on back-to-back pitches. But everyone else can appreciate this beautiful sport. 

Namely Brett's sister, who screamed "NO FUCKING WAY" right as her brother just made a memory the entire Baty family will be talking about at the dinner table for the rest of their lives.

Truly the beautiful game (except for when your starter gets hurt early in the game and you have to use Triple A arms two nights in a row. Then it's quite ugly). 

Now play us home Real Black Greg!