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Tiger Woods Is BACK As The Cover Athlete Of PGA TOUR 2K23



The GOAT is back where he belongs. Smack dab on the cover of golf’s premiere video game. Back in the day when he was at the peak of his powers the man used to MOVE video games.

It’s no secret that Tiger’s a huge gamer and he used to invest a TON of time and energy into making those PGA Tour games as good as they were. And make no mistake, those games fucked.

Him attaching his name to this game is proof positive that 2K built a quality foundation with their first major foray into golf video games with PGA Tour 2K1. They took the Golf Club and elevated it into a mainstream golf game that was both enjoyable to casual sports fans and realistic (not where you’re shouting consistent rounds in the 50’s) with some unique and original game formats. Tiger is the ultimate stamp of approval of that.

Better yet, they named him Executive Director. You just know he’s gonna take this game to a whole nother level. He’s got over a decade of untapped genius stewing around in his brain just ready to come to life. And he’s got more time on his hands than ever to throw his weight behind it.

Cannot wait for this game to drop. Cannot. Wait.