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KFC Told Me If He Purposely Put Dave And Big Cat In The Worst Seats At His Wedding

This week's podcast is with KFC! I loved getting to know him on the podcast and during the filming of Surviving Barstool week. He has a great attitude and outlook on life and can let petty shit roll off his back. Michael, my 32-year-old son, used to wait for KFC's blog to drop and would read it right away! He says KFC is one of the best Barstool Bloggers of all time.

Even though Kevin doesn't have time to blog anymore, his One-minute man and many podcasts are hard to stop watching. He has a special magnetism that keeps you engaged no matter what he is talking about, blowing someone/something up or just making you laugh. You can hear what he values in his life and how his kids and family are important to him without him even stating it. Beginning to the end, you will be with KFC.

You can watch the podcast here:

We asked KFC to call his mom and tell her he loves her.  She is super cool!  I love their relationship and how much time they spend together.  But more, how they have baseball in common!  Raccoon killing Kathy Clancy we love you!

Thank you, KFC, for chatting with me! 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention my daughter is fighting in a backyard boxing brawl at Rough N Rowdy tomorrow and is sponsored by OnlyFans! 

BuyRNR.com is I believe what the kids say!