Here Is My Lock Of The Year

Chris O'Meara. Shutterstock Images.

Last year, for those paying attention, I went 12-4 in numbers-based props. By that I mean, any TDs or yardage over/unders. So excluding Defensive Player of the Years, MVPs etc. Not bad. I also nailed my Lock of the Year which got a lot of pub around these parts which included a nice inside knowledge piece about the Bucs:

Evans finished with 1,035 receiving yards and did not check out of the final game until he passed 1,000 yards. So I utilized my inside knowledge of the Buccaneers to help the people. Well I have another one. Bucs Offensive Coordinator Byron Leftwich will ask the players who has incentives in their contract and do his best to help them get paid. Well one of the newest Bucs, Julio Jones has a $250k incentive at 600 yards. He also gets an extra $250k for 700 yards, 800 yards, and 900 yards. So that is $1 million dollars that's on the line in a 300 yard span and his line in Vegas is 550.5. Gambling is all about getting and edge and I would encourage you to use my deep knowledge of this team as your edge. In my opinion, based on the the fact that Chris Godwin is likely to be on a pitch count early combined with his contract structure, this is a must bet, so I'm making it my LOCK OF THE YEAR. Ride with me here.

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