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Oh HELL YEAH - 'The Mole', One Of The Iconic Shows From The 2000s, Is Coming Back With A New Season On Netflix

[Source] - Former ABC reality series The Mole is returning after a 14-year hiatus.

Netflix on Wednesday announced that it has ordered a 10-episode revival, which is set to premiere this fall, Variety reports.

Oh hell yes. This is one reboot I can get behind. I know, I know. Everything now is a prequel/sequel or some old reboot. But this one makes sense. The Mole was awesome. In case you are young or don't remember, this is it: 

The Mole is kept secret and trying to sabotage all the activities. Each week they take a 20-question test to figure out who is the Mole. Person with the least right gets eliminated. This is the exact sort of show that I love. I'm a sucker for game shows/reality shows. Hence my love for The Challenge. But I'm also a huge Amazing Race fan, The Mole, etc. I still think No. 2 behind The Challenge is 2 Minute Drill and Stump the Schwab from back in the day. Probably why I love playing on The Dozen. 

But the fact is this is how a reboot should be done. You can do this show in 2022. It's not like it had to stay in the early 2000s. Do a season and if it sucks drop it. Who cares? We've had reboots for Who Wants to be A Millionaire, The Weakest Link, etc. This is a show that can drop right into Netflix and be a week to week thing. Sign me up.