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BREAKING: The Texas Rangers Have Completely Gone Off The Deep End And Fired Head Honcho Jon Daniels

Recording Starting 9 right now as I type this and we're breaking down the chaos. Obviously listen to tomorrow's episode for a thorough conversation from a couple of bold experts. 

For now let's just emphasize how shocking it is that Daniels is let go merely 8 months after awarding half a billion dollars of free agent contracts to two of the best players available. The same guy who was just 28 years old when he took over the Rangers front office. The same Jon Daniels that resurrected the Rangers after the A-Rod contract, ultimately leading to 5 playoff runs in 7 seasons. The guy ownership stuck with before and after COVID despite some bad years that were significantly more deserving of the axe. 

Big difference is now the Rangers have a new stadium and loads of pressure to win. And not that this moves the needle towards winning. But it certainly gives ownership and the organization enough wiggle room to justify a sense of urgency. First Woodward and now Daniels. The message is pretty clear in Texas that they're Willing To Do Whatever It Takes. That's a solid message for a fanbase in need of a good milking. 

We break it down more tomorrow on Starting 9 including what the Rangers need to do to get their shit together. And spoiler alert it's not drafting in the top 5 for the next decade. Subscribe here.

In the interim, Chris Klemmer has a masterpiece dropping this afternoon on just how much the Rangers suck. An amazing deep dive on their incompetence that should hit home with any sports fan with two brain cells. Follow Chris here