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Whoever Allowed Dr. Oz To Release This Video Of Him Shopping At "Wegners" For "Crudite" Should Probably Retire From Politics And/Or Life

Look, this isn't a political blog. This is a common sense blog. I'm not going to get into such facts as Dr. Mehmet Oz has never lived in PA his entire life but is now running for a Senate seat in the great Keystone State. That's not me forte. I'm going to leave that stuff up to the well regarded and always correct Political Science experts at Fox News, CNN, and the comment section. And to show this isn't a partisan blog, here are PA Democratic lawmakers including Gov. Tom Wolf someway, somehow botching making a complete abortion out of a simple Eagles chant. I still don't understand how this can happen in reality, let alone Pennsylvania: 

See? Non-political and non-partisan blog. Carry on.

Now what I am going to get into is if you're trying to run for office in PA and are already seen as the out of touch, out of area, rich/famous candidate, you probably, just MAYBE should pronounce the name of the local grocery store correctly. Especially an establishment as well known and regarded in PA. Shit, you give me a cot, a TV, and an N64 and I could live and live well in a Wegmans. That damn place is Heaven on Earth. Pronouncing it "Wegners" is a careless, beyond lazy mistake in which there is no coming back. Honestly, I'd respect it more if Dr. Oz went full heel on PA and started pouncing it "WayWay" and "Shitzzzzz".

And when you think "Wegners" is out of touch, what in the holy FUCK is "Crudité"?!?!?! I know I'm no master of world culture or even just civility. Up until my engagement/forced to live a normal life, Cinnamon Toast Crunch from the box was dinner multiple times in a week and wearing pants would be considered optional. But come on now, Dr. Just go around picking stuff up for a cookout or even a salad if you wanna stay in the veggie aisle. You know, normal, relatable human food. I would actually love nothing more than to see Dr. Oz on the campaign trail in the likes of Mt. Carmel, Aliquippa, or NE Philly bragging about Crudité. Hilarious visual. If he were running for office in spots like Fishtown or Phoenixville, OK. Crudité it up. But again, whoever allowed this video to air should probably retire from politics and/or life. Pretty damn egregious and insulting to the average Pennsylvanian. I think. Then again I borrow a line from the late great George Carlin - "Think about how stupid your average Pennsylvanian is...and then realize half of them are stupider than that." Then this ad might be right up most of Pittston's alley.

PS - The good doctor's opponent has been having a field day with his responses to Oz being way out of PA's touch. And why not? As the proud Pennsylvanian Dr. Oz would say: "If there's a power play for the Pittsburgh Ostriches and Ben Simmons has a wide open layup, you score 6 for the Philly Soul. Go Athletics, Warriors, and Steagles!"

PS - Live now slaying if you wanna call me a snowflake to my face. Kind of.