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There Is A Heated Debate Taking Place On Twitter About Which Colors Correspond To Which Subjects - Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green For Math, English, Science, and History

Two nostalgia blogs back to back for that ass.

I saw this burning up the twittersphere earlier and couldn’t believe the replies and such.

Are people really this dumb?

Back before kids had their faces glued to screens all day long we had these things called books in schools.

We had to cover them in brown paper grocery bags to protect the covers (foolproof) so that we could hand them down to some poor schmuck next year.

The brown bag also enabled us to write the subject of the text book in big black sharpie print on it which us boys would then adorn with awesome doodles and penises. Girls would usually color theirs with markers and make them look pretty.

We weren’t allowed to highlight or write in them (HUGE no no that you’d get in a shit load of trouble for) until you got to college where you had to spend THOUSANDS on books a semester and could do whatever the fuck you wanted to the book because in 4 months they were considered worthless because an “updated version” would come out that your professor (who was on the take getting kickbacks from the author and/or publisher) would demand and require. (Honestly one of the many, many underrated scams that make up the “college experience”). But I digress…

We also would have these pretty sweet binders that housed notebooks (for taking notes since we couldn’t mark up the text books) as well as folders to hold the many print outs our teachers would give us.

The kids whose families were well off would rock these really sick name brand binders called Trapper-Keepers and get news ones every year. They were status symbols. You’d have your knock off ones of course, and depending on what was on your cover, you’d be judged on it. A lot of pressure went into selecting your binder- 

This one was so fire- 

So inside these bad boys you’d have your different subjects broken down by folder with different colored tabs for each folder.

Why this is even up for debate is beyond me.

Everybody knows the order went as followed-

Really not that difficult to figure out unless you’re a communist.

p.s.- this one was good