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Jonathan Papelbon Said He Would Drill Fernando Tatis Jr. Every Time He Faced Him Because Of His Positive Steroid Test

Hardoooooooo. Jonathan Papelbon popped back up in the news for god knows what reason and decided to spout off some takes on Fernando Tatis Jr. and his positive PED test. Papelbon talked with WEEI's Rob Bradford on Bradford's podcast and def let his thoughts on Tatis Jr. fly. 

Papelbon said Fernando testing positive "enraged him". He mentioned how he worked his ass off to get where he got and didn't need to do it by cheating. I get that a lot of players feel slighted by other guys taking PEDs....but does Papelbon know who he shared a clubhouse with during his time in Boston? David Ortiz who had a positive test? Manny Ramirez who was suspended for a failed drug test. What are we talking about here? Was he "ENRAGED" when that happened? Or did it not matter because they were on his side. I don't remember any quotes coming out about how mad he was then. 

He then tells Bradford that he would hit him every time he could if he was up, even if his team was going to lose the game because of it.

“I’ll tell you right now: If I was pitching, every single time I face that dude I’m drilling him. I don’t care if I’m bringing in a run and losing the game.”

That is a bit much if you ask me. I may be the first person to tell Papelbon this, but Fernando Tatis Jr. isn't the only person in baseball who used an illegal drug. There is probably someone on every team who has used them, is using them, can't wait to start using them. Plus....HE PLAYED WITH GUYS WHO DID IT! He then got mad at the whole idea that MLB can't police the game anymore. Sure they can, but if you drill him then get ready for your best guy to get one too. If the benches clear you know someone will be looking for you. That's just how it works. 

These old guys who suddenly are tough when they don't like younger players doing something are the worst. You wouldn't have drilled Tatis, no chance you'd have done that. If you were so mad about it maybe talk to your buddies on the team with you when you won in '07. Probably didn't care about it then.

I'm just happy that Papelbon was always a team guy and never did anything to make it about himself. Always respected the game you know, wouldn't cheat it, just treated everyone with respect and dignity....right?