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CrossFit Bro/Coach Does A Handstand On A Holocaust Memorial In Germany And People Are Pissed, Rightfully So

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And here is when the 2015 outrage machine actually works in everyone’s favor. Usually we can all agree that people getting upset on twitter/instagram are the worst. It’s a hive mind mentality where the most offended person gets the biggest megaphone and everyone follows suit. Things escalate quickly and people or corporations often have to take back things they said/tweeted/or did that aren’t all that offensive. On the flip side, this is a GREAT time to have that same hivemind in action. You just can’t be more out of touch than this guy, it’s not possible. Forget the fact that he is showing off on a Holocaust memorial, throw out the most offensive part of this story and you still have the biggest cockhead in life. A crossfit “inspirer”? Posting “inspiring” topless photos like this.


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Or this


Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 8.32.31 AM


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GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. I’m not even a Crossfit hater. I still maintain it’s a great workout if you can get yourself motivated to show up (I can’t), if there was anyone on this site who would even remotely have this guy’s back it would be me, but these people are an absolute pox on our society. Least shocking news ever that a guy like this would not even realize showing off his sweet handstand on a memorial for 6 million dead people would kind of sort of be offensive. Just trying to inspire, bruh. Best part about this guy, if he’s anything like the hardcore Crossfit people I know, he wouldn’t be able to catch a tennis ball if you soft tossed it to him. People like this do Crossfit because their hand eye coordination sucks and they can’t play real sports.




Oh and he apologized, so we’re all good.


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