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Alica Schmidt - Dubbed The World's Sexiest Athlete - Learned The Hard Way You Don't Ever, EVER Mess With Good Juju In Sports

[Source] - "Selected for the 400m individuals at the European Championships," she wrote. "Guys you have no idea what that means to me! That was my main goal this year and I knew it would be everything else but easy to achieve it.

Schmidt has a silver and bronze medal from age-group European Championship races at under-20 and under-23 level, but implied that competing in Munich represented her career highlight: "Cheers to the most special race of my career so far can‘t wait."

What have you done today? You didn't live out your main goal and make the European Championships. Maybe you did. If so you can get a round of applause too. Just not the coming together part because you're not someone who was dubbed the world's sexiest athlete. This is how you bounce back. This is how you put on a show in front of your home crowd. 

Shit, never mind. 

[Source] - WORLD'S sexiest athlete Alica Schmidt crashed out of the European Championships after finishing last The German runner, 23, reached the 400m semi-finals after finishing third in her heat in Munich on Monday.

However the semi didn't go to plan for Schmidt, who changed from a onesie in her heat to a crop top and pants.

Schmidt finished dead last, not making the cut for Wednesday's final.

Don't mess with good juju Alica! What's wrong with you? This is day 1 stuff. If you keep qualifying wearing this: 

Alexander Hassenstein. Getty Images.

Don't change into this

Matthias Hangst. Getty Images.

That's how you end up dead last! Listen I can only do so much. I can only blog so much good advice. If you are qualifying or winning while wearing a certain thing or looking a certain way, you stick with it. You don't leave a heater. This is what we'll take away from the European Championships. It's time to focus on the 2024 Olympics.