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The Manti Te'o Documentary On Netflix Has Dropped And It Is INSANE

2012 was an absolutely PREPOSTEROUS year on the internet. We talked about Kony 2012 last week on dogwalk which took the internet by storm. Then to close the year we all learned of the term "catfishing". Arguably the best and highest profile college football player in the country had a fake internet girlfriend and when the relationship got too real and too scary...the fake girlfriend fake died. Absolutely captivated the country and while we all dissected it, none of us understood it and it became a punchline. It became a meme. Barstool made a t-shirt. 10 years later the guys who made "Wild Wild Country", "The Danbury Trashers", and "The Malice At The Palace" told every angle of the story in a way that will blow your mind. They got Manti, they got Lennay's creator, they got Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick. I am currently watching and it's already taking me down memory lane, but it's a route that is largely unfamiliar. If you think you know this don't. A must watch and if you're going to watch you should watch the guys who made it sit down with Eddie and I

Great dudes who understand sports and storytelling better than anyone in the game right now. Awesome conversation about a story that is burnt into all of our brains. They humanized both sides of the story. The background, the faith base, the early internet, and the price of fame and glory at Notre Dame.