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Wayne Gretzky Is Getting Sued For $10 Million By A Gum Company, Which Has To Be New NHL Record

Getty Images.

TMZ — Wayne Gretzky allegedly lied about dropping pounds by chewing gum -- and a man is now suing the hockey legend over it … claiming The Great One's great fib cost him $10 MILLION.

The plaintiff, Steven Sparks, says he created a "natural gum used to manage weight," and called it "OMG gum." He says in the suit he eventually hired on Wayne's wife, Janet Marie Gretzky, to be a spokesperson for the product.

The problem, according to Sparks, is Wayne eventually made up a lie about the gum -- saying after he chewed it for roughly a two-month span … it helped him lose 35 pounds.

Okay so first of all, you don’t sue Wayne Gretzky. I don’t care who you are or what you think your justifications are, you simply do not sue the Great One. The man scored 894 career goals in the NHL. If he tells a little fib about smacking around your gum for a few months, I think he’s earned the right.

Second of all, this is just classic 99. Even well after his playing days are over, he’s still out here setting records. Speaking of those total goals, everybody is currently watching to see if Ovechkin will break Wayne’s record for career goals. So with that record potentially in jeopardy, Gretzky will just set one more of his own. Biggest lawsuit by gum company in NHL history. There’s no way Ovi can touch that one. There’s no chance Sid comes close. McDavid could never.

That’s why there was only one Wayne Gretzky and there will continue to only ever be one Wayne Gretzky. The man is just not of this world. He does things that no other hockey player could ever dream of.

Sidenote #1: how big of a jabroni do you think this lawyer has to feel like right now having to go up against The Great One over a pack of bubble gum? Clown show.

Sidenote #2: there’s nothing I would love more than to see Wayne come on the first NHL on TNT broadcast next season smacking around a massive wad of bubble gum.