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Amir Garrett Makes Things Right After Hurling A Drink At A Fan

TMZ - Kansas City Royals pitcher Amir Garrett is extending an olive branch -- and some free merch -- to the guy he threw a drink at during a game ... saying he reached out and hooked the fan and his son up with jerseys to apologize for the incident.

30-year-old Garrett was suspended three games on Monday for chucking a drink at a man who was allegedly heckling him during the Royals' 9-2 loss to the White Sox at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago on Aug. 2 ... but is appealing the punishment.

I am confident it goes without saying you should never throw a drink. However, sometimes emotions get the best of you. That was the case with Royals pitcher Amir Garrett on Aug 2nd when a heckler got the best of him and threw a drink on a fan in Chicago. 

Hey listen, athletes are under great pressure and people chirp them nonstop so you can see how at times it can just be too much and guys snap. The Royals being 48-69 likely doesn't help the case as Garrett goes out and watches his team lose night after night. He's frustrated, he's upset, and he's got guys in his ear telling him how much he sucks , some would say that would push a guy over the edge. It's no excuse , but it happens. 

The moral of the story here is that Amir Garrett has learned from his mistakes. He's reached out the heckler and sent him as well as his son a jersey. Garrett said : 

TMZ-  "This is an opportunity for me to grow from, learn from. I’m a human. I’m going to make mistakes. I wish I had never reacted in that manner, but I did so I never shy away from anything. The news that we got wasn’t ideal, but you’ve got to accept what the consequences are. So I’m okay."

It's always good to see people overcome a mistake and become a better person for it.