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Someone Ran The Data To See Who Would Lead The Majors In Home Runs If Every Game Was Played At The LLWS Field And The Results Are Awesome

Now this is the hard hitting analysis I need in baseball. Get out of here with your WOBA+, WXZORP-, weighted runs west of the Mississippi, this is what I need to see. Rylan Domingues is a data analysis for Tread Athletics and gave us the data we truly want to see. even if it's basically the Top 10 list is whoever is best at hitting shallow fly balls to the outfield. 

Look at Marcus Semien up there with 157 Little League home runs! Way more than his current 17. Freddie Freeman would be continuing his great season. Corey Seager would have a field day there with his 150 bombs/ I didn't expect to see Jake Cronenworth with a cool 141 dingers in Williamsport. Meanwhile poor Aaron Judge drops all the way to 5th with his 140 bombs, but that is what happens when you quite literally already play in a little league park. 

I'm kind of shocked there's no Manny, Yordan, Stanton, Schwarber, Alonso, or Ohtani. But I guess not everyone is cut out to play at the LLWS park, with a spacious 225 to left, 225 to center, and 225 to right, which is less than my slow pitch field's dimensions.