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Intensity: Cops Had To Break Up Soccer Teammates In Argentina Who Got Into A Fight During Halftime Because They Were Tied


[Source] - BOCA JUNIORS stars Dario Benedetto and Carlos Zambrano had to be separated by police after a fight at half-time. The pair came to blows as an argument boiled over during Boca's 0-0 draw with Racing Club in the Argentina Primera Division.

The fight has been widely reported in Argentina, with national newspaper Olé using it as their main back-page story and TV channel TyC Sports also covering the story.

It began while both players were entering the dressing-room at half-time and ended up with police needing to separate them according to journalist Juan Arango.

Fellow journalist Diego Montalavan reported that striker Benedetto told the defence to "do better" to which defender Zambrano responded by saying "score goals."

Couple things right off the bat here. First, I love the intensity. Every team needs some sort of locker room fight to bond over. It shows you care about winning. It's called passion. Second, I gotta side with fake Carlos Zambrano here. The defense literally did do better. They didn't give up a goal. It's on the offense to score one. 

Classic soccer though, right? 0-0 tie. Everyone upset. The beautiful game! I just love how they didn't even really hide it. Coming out with marks and scratches after halftime that they didn't have before. We're talking about South American soccer here. People will pick up on it. Also, it's Boca Juniors. They are a fairly well known club!

What I do love though is his reply: 

Complicated match but "The Delivery" of the group is not negotiable

Great use of buzz words. Complicated match. The Delivery. So that means they both landed punches. Fair fighting in a locker room. What I don't love?

Cops apparently having to break it up. 

Let them brawl. You don't break up teammates until a gun is pulled. Maybe if you let one of them truly win a fight, they would have won the match. Ever think about that? I would have loved to be around hearing 'score goals' and 'do better.' Just some good old fashioned shit talking.