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Sweet Baby Jesus This Snipe Is Spicy

Holy frickin' heck, he's done it again. This young man has a problem. The kid has an addiction, and that addiction is scoring nasty goals at the World Juniors. Just look at where this shot goes. 

Puck gets batted down out of the air and on a bit of a wobble. Doesn't matter because Bedard has Charmin ultra soft hands to gather that pass with speed entering the zone. And then he's mastered that Auston Matthews curl and snipe so well at this point that goalies just have zero idea about when he's going to release that shot. Could be a big curl, could be a small curl, by the time the goalie tries to figure out what's happening it is already too late and the puck is in the back of the net. Right over the shoulder, top corner, see ya later. 

Giphy Images.

If I've said it once, I'll say it at least 7 or 8 more times. There are only a very small handful of teams who should realistically be thinking about winning the Stanley Cup next season. Unless you legitimately think you have a shot at beating Colorado, which maybe like 3 teams do, everybody else should be mailing it in for the 1st overall pick this year. You can't forget about Matvei Michkov, either, but with the way things are looking in the world outside of hockey I'd say Bedard is the generational lock. God I can't wait for the Flyers to lose 75 games this year.