New York Sports Continue To Roll With A Fresh Report Saying That James Dolan Will Sell The Knicks And The Rangers Soon


The great rebirth of New York sports continues to happen right before our eyes! The Mets are cruising! The Yankees are were cruising! The Rangers made it to the Eastern Conference Finals with children on their team! The Jets and Giants both haven't lost a game yet! The Islanders ummmm didn't rip Frankie Borelli's heart out of his chest! The Nets still have Kevin Durant as of the publishing of this blog! And now we have a report that James Dolan is doing to sell the Knicks soon!!!

Now this may be roughly the 10th unsubstantiated report we've heard about Dolan in the last five years and reported by a couple of fancy finance guys. But they wear a suit on TV, which instantly makes them as reputable as the people I usually get finance news info from (which is Large, random people on Twitter talking about their crypto/meme stocks, and Portnoy when he wields a green hammer).

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I know some Rangers fans will say there isn't much to complain about with Dolan as owner and Knicks fans have been living as close to a Dolan-free life as there has been during his reign of terror this century. But as a Mets fan, let me just tell you guys this is a hostage's mentality. We deserve to have an owner with a brain as big as his wallet that allowed him to purchase a New York sports team(s?) to begin with. Pretty much we deserve to be the Mets, an orange and blue team that was a punch line for years despite being in a big market that should make things easier.


I don't care if it's an Egyptian billionaire, the Blackrock people that Chief is always scaring me about on The Dogwalk, or Bill fucking Gates. These guys can load me up with Egyptian food at MSG, housing debt in my bank account, microchips in my blood, or whatever else they want if they can eliminate the fear of waiting for this guy to inevitably fuck up the Knicks when things finally get good again (which I truly believe will be sooner than later with Leon Rose at the helm).

We'll almost definitely get an MSG statement today debunking all these reports just like we have in the past and I'll definitely definitely dismiss every single one of those statements just like I did in the past because I want to believe in this dream. I need to believe in this dream. If only there was a man that wanted to cement his legacy as the greatest New Yorker dead or alive to the entire city instead of just the ones that root for National League baseball…