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Panic Time: PGA Tour Players Are Calling An All Hands On Deck Meeting Tomorrow (Including An In-Person Appearance From One Tiger Woods)

It's here. DEFCON whatever the fuck is the bad number.

Or at least that's what it looks like from here. When the Big Cat is flying in from Jupiter to give his two cents, you know tensions are high.

There's definitely a faction of players that have been displeased with the way PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan has handled this. Understandably so.... from an outsiders' perspective it seems like they didn't take the threat of LIV Golf as seriously as they should have, and they've played nothing but hardball since. Monahan has stated he hasn't even picked up the phone and talked with anyone on the other side. I think he's right to take a firm stance, but it seems a bit much to not even hear out the other side. Greg Norman has claimed repeatedly that LIV is supposed to be additive to the PGA Tour (which is a crock of shit imo) but that would seem to suggest that they're interested in collaborating or at least co-existing. I can see how it can be frustrating to a PGA Tour player that Monahan hasn't even done the due diligence of listening.

It's possible that the players are looking to go over Monahan's head and take matters into their own hands. That tweet suggests that might be the case. Maybe Monahan's on his way out, maybe the players have some other sort of solution in mind, but shit sounds like it might be about to hit the fan.

Tomorrow might be a helluva day online.

PS: What if the players booted Monahan and made Tiger commish... would never happen but that would be ELECTRIC.

Kudos to this great quote tweet.