The Fernando Tatis Jr. Saga Rolls On With His Dad Now Blaming a Bad Haircut For The "Accidental" Steroid Use And David Ortiz Upset With How MLB Made The News Public

Matt Thomas/San Diego Padres. Getty Images.

It seems the Tatis camp got wind that no one in the world is buying their excuse. Time to hop back in the spin zone cycle and double down! Enter Fernando Tatis Sr. to spew some bullshit


A bad haircut?? That's what we've resorted to? Seems no one got the memo that using the ol' I took medicine and didn't know what was in it excuse for taking anabolic steroids doesn't play. Just give it a rest, take your suspension, and start growing up. For what it's worth it says Clostebol clear as day on the front of the box. 

There's more though!

So according to Fernando Tatis Sr. his son being suspended for 80 games will cause MILLIONS of fans to stop watching the game. I mean Tatis Jr. is a fun player to watch no question about it. That being said we gotta reel ourselves in here papa Tatis. Also we're concerned about Fernando's imagine being destroyed? Maybe don't do steroids for starters. 

Then we have David Ortiz of all fucking people feeling the need to chime in…

Honestly reads like a fake quote. I had to triple check to make sure I didn't get fooled by a parody account. The only guy to take steroids, have a great career, and skirt the media's fury is upset with how MLB handled the release of the news. Essentially he's asking for Manfred to do what Selig did back in the day and not reveal the news to anyone. Got it. Thanks for chiming in David, no one asked. What an asshole.