Warner Brothers Is FINALLY Making A 'Wizard of Oz' Remake!

Warner Bros just set Kenya Barris to write and direct Wizard of Oz, a reimaging of the fantasy classic, with his Khalabo Ink Society producing.

We all know the story from the 1939 film, but Barris is keeping the creative details close to the vest. It will be a modern reimagining of the iconic musical. His deal closed last week. Sheila Walcott is overseeing for the studio.

Just kidding, who the fuck wants a remake of ANYTHING from 1939? Coming from the mouth of a Polish man, that was a pretty bad year. 

The original movie is obviously iconic. The slippers, the munchkins, the flying monkeys etc. It's been parodied and used for inspiration on a trillion different shows and movies. But let's be honest with ourselves, this is not a world that requires us to dive back in through a different lens. It's almost like watching some of that black and white basketball footage of old greats that looks like a YMCA pickup game where a guy tries a spin move and a smashed McDouble falls out of his pocket. 

But at least Warner Brothers is using the tax break they're getting for cutting entirely made movies and 90% of their programming to make something fresh and original...