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The Commanders New Fight Song Is Clearly A Wacky Bit And Not Something They're Actually Going To Run With


I'm cracking up. There is NO WAY this is the real version of the new "Hail To The Commanders" fight song. I'm dying. I have to assume it's just one take of multiple they did and they slipped the wrong track into the tape player (I'm 100% positive FedEx Field still operates using tape players). 

If it is the real version, I mean, I guess I like it in the ironic way. In the so bad it's good way. A slowed down ballad of a fight song is so outrageous it just might work. We zig when they expect us to zag. Most teams get fired up after a TD, we basically play "My Heart Will Go On". I love it. Why get the opposition fired up before they take the kickoff? Drown them in tears instead.

Hey look, it's a complete rebrand. Not everything is going to be a home run. The new helmets? Amazing.


The Washington Post. Getty Images.


The new QB? Pretty good in his debut.


Scott Taetsch. Getty Images.


The fight song though? Well, we'll get there.