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We Need More Of This In Golf - Will Zalatoris Couldn't Believe He Screamed About His Haters After Draining His Putt On 18

Give me more of this. Sure, give me more Willy Z winning because I enjoy watching him golf. But give me more of the personality. Give me more of the screaming. I can't stand the stuffy golf shit. I'm someone who has been golfing forever. I love the sport. I can't stand the people who think they have to be all polite and can't show any sort of emotion - especially when you're talking about millions of dollars. I don't care if you're a pro athlete, it's still millions of bucks. Get excited. Nobody should make fun of him even if he sounds like a mix of Steph Curry and Kirk Cousins. 

It's part of the reason I love the Ryder Cup so much. Yeah, it's a different viewing experience than the standard 4 round solo play events. But the guys show emotion. McIlroy vs Reed a few years back comes to everyone's mind. But shit you can go back to 99 or 91 with Seve and Paul Azinger. Or Seve and Raymond Floyd. Either one in 91 really. But that's what I want. I don't need the full Happy Gilmore experience, but I want some sort of emotion. 

Speaking of Happy. Great tweet.