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Nobody Will Ever Ruin The Giants Like Dave Gettleman: Reportedly Didn't Pick Up The Phone When The Broncos Tried Trading For No. 2 Pick

This fucking guy. He just ... he just didn't pick up the phone! He just went and drafted Saquon Barkley - one of the dumbest picks in the NFL Draft. You don't draft a running back No. 2 overall. You sure as shit don't do that when you're not contending for a Super Bowl. You sure as shit don't do that with a running back who is fine. Sure he has electric highlights but he can't just go get you 3 and 4 yards. It's -2 or 78 yards. Nothing in the middle. Great job all around. 

How do you not take a call? The Broncos had the 5th pick that draft and took Bradley Chubb. Not too bad! What if you got a few other first round picks? Seems like that may have been a good thing. Not to mention Gettleman blew the entire draft by making it known he was taking Barkley. Can't get over how dumb that entire process was. 

I'll keep saying it. No one will ruin the Giants from a GM/coach standpoint more than Gettleman. Everything he did was wrong. Everything he said was wrong. He turned the Giants from a franchise that won a few Super Bowls and could at least compete to apathy. He turned fans away. He made them unwatchable with his Hog Mollies and inability to sign/draft people that fit. I'd say it's impressive if I wasn't a Giants fan. 

One final time - until another report comes out about him. Fuck Dave Gettleman.